The Orgasmic Vessel

Sometimes, I cannot help feeling that I’m a vessel that connects two universes together, A writer whose dedication for conceptual metaphors and metaphysical philosophy gives way to high-calorie thoughts, untamed prose, and fun fiction. A bookworm who’s drawn to intellectual horror and visually aesthetic gore, which gives Folding Fox’s wonderland … Continue Reading The Orgasmic Vessel

Discussing Adulthood

When we were kids, we were at the mercy of our parents, teachers, our “mature” and washed out entourage. Now that we’re grown-ups, we’re at the mercy of who we love, who we fail, what we lack, what we crave, of our nightmares, our dreams, past and future… but, despite … Continue Reading Discussing Adulthood

The lonely bones

There are skeletons in the closet. There are shadow people in the attic. There is an abomination in the tree house. There are secrets reproducing under our skin, parasites making tunnels inside our bones… eating away at us, devouring our soul. Shutting the closets, locking the attic, and setting the … Continue Reading The lonely bones

A heart-to-heart chat with the Crawling Owl

Folding Fox: Hey, friend! Long time no see. Where have you been? Crawling Owl: You know this saying? There’s always a rainbow after the rain. Well, I’ve had nothing but storms and blizzards. No rainbows. None, zero, zilch!