About Tilting Fox, founding member

Same as a fox, I have a small stature (I’m 153 meters tall and weigh 108 pounds) and am not particularly aggressive. To make things happen, I must rely on my wits and resources.

I’m grateful that my best resources are an untamed imagination, a supportive spouse, and five years of experience in feature writing. In 2009, I was listed as a contributor in a leading regional magazine. Shortly after, I became a regular, then, a section editor.

I’ve always had an opinion about everything. Ever since I can remember, my feedback was based on research, social observations, and my own gut feeling.

The Tilting Fox is my blogging persona. And, like any serious blogger, I hone it with a passion because blogging as a self-expression tool makes us look into ourselves, connect with like-minded persons wherever they are, and feel productive.

About animal spirits and the fox totem

My totem is an origami fox tattooed on my left wrist (for I’m left-handed). It’s there to remind me of the qualities I seek in order to become a better person and author: a) adaptability, b) agility, c) resourcefulness, d) the ability to work around obstacles, and e) the wits to find the smartest solution to any problem.

Every fox counts. So does every butterfly and every crow, every hawk and every owl, every grasshopper and every spider. All living forms count because there’s pulse, meaning, and purpose in them. In fact, we all have an animal spirit that speaks to us. We just need to be open.

Ever since the Creation, animal spirits carried meaningful messages for those who listen. Those who hear them are blessed with a rich inner life and a great public appeal. Those who don’t are advised to work on it until they reach the threshold of a personal breakthrough.

About submitting your foxy tales

If you’re like us; playful and fascinated by everything that moves, this is your playground too. Folding Fox is home to all those who need a place where no one is judged or dismissed. Here, there’s beauty in diversity and pride in the singularities of the individual.

You don’t have to be a fox to join us, follow us, place a comment, or guest post. You just need to be foxy. How can you be foxy? Simple! Give our manifesto a good read and you’ll see for yourself.

For more information, or if you believe something is missing and is ought to be there for a better reading experience, please visit our contact page and leave a message.

Because, at the end of the day, we’re building this space to create special moments and infuse feel good vibes. That’s our dearest wish; to make an intimate connection, install mutual understanding, and grow side by side.

Thank you for your trust and amiability!

About Sahara Eves, aspiring author

Same as a fox, when I set a target I go for it. I may get overwhelmed by the amount of the work I need to do. I may be intimidated by time-consuming or never-ending tasks. My drive will slow down from time to time. But what needs to be done has to be done.

I’ve always wanted to be a published author. For 5 years straight, I made life easy for editors and brought entertainment to many. Today, I’m doing something for myself. I’ve matured on a foreign land, now I need to go home and be in full bloom there.

Sahara Eves is my pen name for two reasons; Sahara because I spent half my childhood in the Arabian Desert, and Eves because it’s at night – especially when I’m lying on the sand and looking at the full moon – that my head turns into a mad raving Reynard.

Sahara’s main motive is to give back and inspire. I firmly believe that there’s not one genre, one technique, or one writing style that makes art work. It’s whether the artist or author behind it is being himself or not. What we do with joy gives joy to others. That’s why art doesn’t lie.

Thank you for giving my foxy tales a chance. Here, you’ll learn about my future books first thing first. You’re welcome to share your likes and dislikes about a certain story, share a new concept, present a different outlook, or suggest a better solution. Thanks again!

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