The Dance of Our Beating Heart

When we’re high, we’re up for anything. When we’re down, we don’t feel like doing anything. When we’re happy, we dance until we lose our breath. When we’re sad we sink in the couch.

Now, imagine that your heart is an entity that is separate from your body, a being that you can see all the time. What will happen then? You’ll notice that it’s always moving, beating… dancing.

Does this mean that it’s happy all the time? Does this indicate that we’re happy all the time? I personally think that our heart is made to be happy and that it’s our duty to make it happy.

Our heart does everything with us; says a prayer for family and friends, works around the clock to pay the rent, falls in and out of love, feels exasperation, fears desperation, cries under the sheets, jogs out in the sun, parties among the neon lights…. Yet, we fail to return kindness with kindness. We seldom offer support or help it become what it’s meant to be: a happy dance. That’s kind of selfish, don’t you think?


Everybody is different; even identical twins stop looking alike as they grow up. By adding personal preferences and cultural diversity and environmental upbringing to individual uniqueness, we come to realize that the only thing all humans have in common on this planet is the heart.

Ever since it was crafted with care and filled with innocence, the human heart was a splendid sight to behold. Even when the poor thing was courted by evil until it slipped, it remained one of the most interesting, eye-opening, and precious treasures on this earth.

Every time we hear about something bad in the news or see injustice in the world, we feel as if the cosmos has tumbled upside down and that the fragile state of universal balance broke down. That’s when our heart suddenly jumps in our chest and feels uneasy.

Only faith, hope, and courage keep us going, despite the horror and the terror. This must be how our heart managed to remain at the heart of a world which still is very much alive; pulsating, regenerating, exploding, blooming, weeping, screaming from ecstasy… dancing. The tale of the human heart is being written as we speak.

Many amongst us have a picture of their own about the end of the world. To me, this can only take place when the last beating heart stops dancing in this huge universe. Until then, let’s invest in our children’s welfare and in our planet’s wellbeing. Let’s make the world a better place because we’re all – humans and animals and plants – worth the trouble. Worth every heartbeat!


Let’s all say together, “My dear heart, I love you. See how warm and fuzzy we become? See how the world suddenly feels peaceful? Let’s put our hands together and make others feel the same. I’ll help you. We’re in this together; you and I, you and all people.” Can you imagine how good this must feel? Does your heart flutter now that you realize that another world and a different reality are possible?

It should. Why? Because to be human means to have all the bare minimum characteristics, whereas to be humane means to have a big heart that seeks to heal the world wherever it is or with whoever it connects, be it for a decade or for the split of a second.

As you read this, you can be anyone; a class A citizen or a forgotten soldier, a magnetic extrovert or a shy introvert, a stay-at-home mom or a stay-at-home dad, a mainstream type of person or an indie hippie…. Whoever you are, you’re invited to be humane.

The human heart is a divine device that pumps happiness, brings joy, and makes us dance. Together with others, our heart portrays what’s most holy in us and sums up all that is beautiful in this world.


Photo credit: You can dance anywhere, even if only in your heart. by aDecorusUniversitas on Visualhunt /CC BY-NC-ND

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