The Human Being Underneath The Social Suit

It’s no secret that we rely on our first impressions and on people’s appearance to go through our social life as successfully, as flamboyantly, or as safely as possible. Because this practice consumes a lot of our energy and intellect, it becomes easy for us to forget that there’s a lot more going on beneath the surface.

Behind our socially conditioned façade lays a parallel universe, as complex and as crowded as the universe of our outer self.


A huge part of our daily routine consists of or depends on dealing with people we know and don’t know. Connections make us or break us. But little do we know that, by having our perception of the other solely based on such a primary knowledge, we’re practicing a form of prejudice. “Prejudice hasn’t killed anyone, for your information! If anything, it paves the way for later,” you may say.

True. However, prejudice can kill your soul if you’re unaware of it. It also has the same result if you’re aware of it and won’t do anything about it.


Prejudice of any kind means that you don’t see the other as a human being anymore, but as a reflection of your own conception of that human being. You see people as a means to an end, a mere function or role, a social status or label, or else. To reduce the totality, the aliveness, and the nobility of a human being to a concept, a commodity, or a benefits scheme is a form of violence.

And violence of any kind can still give way to violence of all kinds.


What’s the nature of your relationship with the people who can make you or break you? What do you see in those who shape your reality? Or should I say, what are the qualities that are out there and are invisible to you? They say, “What a lovely creature!” You say in silence, “What a monster!” But think of all the wonders you’re missing out on simply because you don’t like the way that person’s face looks.

If you study who people are in their essence; underneath their name and form, you can learn a lot. But you won’t learn a thing unless you get rid of prejudice, hatred, and intolerance.


As you really look at people and really listen to them, something more real comes to life. Be happy about it and don’t be afraid just because it’s new to you. Keep the progress afloat and contemplate the chain reaction taking place inside you. You’re no longer reenacting the same script. You’re recreating yourself by setting yourself free from the strings that tie you to compulsive behavior and old habits.

Your entire being is starting a personal revolution and the wind of change is pushing you away from tedious tomorrows. How exhilarating is that!


Ahead of you, a new chapter in life unfolds. It’s a world of bright colors and great depth, memorable moments and good memories, moral elevation and positive thinking. Be happy about it and don’t slow down just because you don’t know what comes next. Keep up the good work and see for yourself human perfection at its finest. Breathe in life and love. Breathe out modesty and tolerance.

In. Out. In. Out. As soon as this holistic dimension consolidates within you, it will bring forth the same potential and desire from within those surrounding you.


From then onward, the barrier between you as the perceiver and the other as the perceived will be lifted to bring you closer. Do not shirk or hesitate. Do not feel exposed or vulnerable. On the contrary, rejoice and join the other in a form of communion. Feel the energy in your body as it reacts to the energy shaking your hand or smiling back at you. Feel the life energy that tickles your senses and think of how precious it must be to the other person as well.

People are no strangers to one another we come to realize once we open up to such a conceptual oneness with humankind.


What makes your heart bounce and jump and dance makes theirs do the same. What echoes in between your bones echoes in them too. What hides under your skin – secrets, flaws, and insecurities – hides under theirs. What lies behind your happy camera face – even if you’re not happy – lies behind their equally graceful exterior. What makes you scared – darkness, illusion, and fear – makes them shiver as well. What makes you rebel – inner strength, honor, and hope – makes them fight back.

People are no strangers to one another we come to realize once we accept the reality as it presents itself to us, naked and raw.


Writing about this part of us, to me, is a form of celebration that honors human diversity and reminds us of the dignity of human beings. How beautiful are we! And how cool is that?

How about you, foxy friend? What’s your story? What simmers under your bright smile? Are you ready to let go of your mask, though it has become a friend? Are you ready to see the world with new eyes? 1, 2, 3 Go!

Remember, who you’ll see at the end of the tunnel will be none other than you. It may not be the ‘you’ you expected or wished for, but still…. If you come across strangers, do not panic or feel ashamed. They probably are on the same quest. Either way, keep going because it’s a shame to end something that has just began!


Photo credit: Imperfections and facades by Grazia Mele on / CC BY-NC-SA

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