The Three Pillars of a Foxy Life (or The Foxy Manifesto)

Pillar 1: A Foxy Life Starts and Ends with Foxy People

We are all foxy, each in his and her own way. How? Who among us isn’t born with a talent, a gift, or a blessing? Something extra that only belongs to us, something so sacred it should never be squandered, not for the sake of money or social approval, nor in idleness or from fear of failure.

Every single one of us is beautiful in his and her own way; that’s why we should protect our singularities as best as possible. They’re the signature trait that makes us, well, us. So, let’s be as protective and as caring as we can.

Since I’m the builder of this temple, it’s not pretentiousness that drives me to talk about myself but the desire to connect in earnest with the temple’s visitors. Why are the Tilting Fox and Sahara Eves foxy?

Ever since childhood, I read just about anything and everything, dreamt up stories 24/24, eavesdropped on people’s conversations, engaged in casual talk with strangers…. My feet take me to bookshops and art galleries, my fingers are after a book or a pen whenever they’re free, and my heart moves with them for the same reason that a bee seeks a flower and a flower seeks the sun.

Indeed, to a bookworm or an author, a foxy life is a haven where thoughts are unbound and stories are free to go wherever they wish to go. Without artistic expressions – like storytelling, sculpting, music, street art, etc. – life is lifeless.

But, not everybody is a bookworm or an author! True. Nevertheless, it doesn’t truly get in the way, because a foxy life is a life that goes somewhere. A life that doesn’t slow down at the first obstacle. A life that looks like a fox on the hunt: pointed like an arrow, powerfully focused, and well-aimed. A life that no matter what, or no matter how horrid, still has timeless beauty and tireless action.

Pillar 2: A Foxy Life Doesn’t Stop at an Obstacle as Futile as Death

Everybody knows there’s not one death. Aside from the physical one, there’s spiritual death. It’s far worse but it’s also revocable. How? Through profound insight, good deeds, and beautiful art.

So much bad things are happening in the world right now, so much so they make us forget all the good stuff about life and the human race. By unmasking Fear, we remove the mental clutter and figure out our purpose. By refining Ego, we realize the great difference between self-love and selfishness. By spotting Negativity, we see through people’s flaws and look for the Inner Christ/Buddha Nature blocked inside them.

In summary, by conquering our inner demons and accepting life as it is – sometimes good, sometimes bad, and sometimes exceptional! – we start to feel alive as we go through life, leaping over obstacles and diving into rabbit holes. Consequently, compassion, happiness, and peace start to manifest themselves in the world. If each one of us aims for such feats, the whole human race becomes a better person.

Now, what about the Arts? When a masterpiece is born into this world, it says a lot. It shows God’s generosity in giving us all these gifts, the human’s ability to transcend, and Art’s will to love us back. In this mutual surrender, Art pushes us to add something new and beautiful to our cultural heritage. In response, we leave a mark, a legacy, an act of kindness before our time on Earth ends.

In order to live fully and forever, we need to kill what’s killing us, which means overcoming the burdens of life that are sucking the life out of us. Think of this as the beginning of a personal revolution, one shared by millions of people burdened and hurt as much as you are.

Pillar 3: Foxy Life and Ordinary Life Aren’t Necessarily Opposites

Not all of us have the chance to step on the moon, join Doctors Without Borders, or be a nomadic adventurer… but most of us can read. Many read and write with great interest because what cannot be lived in real life can be lived in a book.

For instance, when we finish a story we’ve read for days and weeks, we feel as if we’ve made a new acquaintance. Apart from the author, it could be a struggling hero with problems similar to ours, a dedicated sidekick whose loyalty redeems everybody’s mischiefs, an underdog that saves the day, a hilarious character, a psycho that blows everything out of proportion, etc. As you can see, there’s something for everybody.

Also, not all of us are saints or missionaries, have the court’s power, or become a legendary influencer like Gandhi, but most of us know the difference between good and bad, right and wrong. Many write or take a stand by other means to make things right. When all you’ve got is a loud voice and a conscience, then your job, your artwork, or any other reflection of your psyche becomes the talisman you offer to the world for protection, the cross you carry to salvage what you care about or who you care for, and that drop of dew capable of easing a burning earth – no matter how small.

Furthermore, artwork from all walks of life makes us transcend above matter. It also allows us to discover ourselves. It’s most significant when it helps us heal as we get to the bottom of the ‘me’ we see but not necessarily know.

For all the above reasons, art and literature should never be controlled, hushed, or compromised. Never, for the artist’s job is to make life foxy and worth living, and the Arts’ job is to be a witness to their time. If we let these two do their job, an ordinary life becomes extraordinary. It’s a promise!


Photo credit: We were all animals by Nhoj Leunamme == Jhon Emmanuel on Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-ND

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