Urban Gluttony portrayed by a Kid

“Mommy, where’s daddy? Is he out in the jungle?”

“Yes dear.”

“Sometimes I wish I was an animal so that I see more of daddy in the jungle.”

“No sweetie. No, you don’t want to be near his big fangs.”

“And does he have big ears and big eyes and a big mouth like the wolf in the story of red riding hood?”

“Yes dear. Maybe that’s why he comes home with such big hunts.”

Looking excited, he continues, “Dad is so big and powerful. I’m not as powerful as him. I’m sick. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t like me much… because I’m not strong enough to go with him to the jungle. I cannot run fast like a wild cat. I cannot roar loudly like a lion. I want to be as strong and big as daddy!”

“Oh, honey! You’re great the way you are. Yes, you’re sick. But, you’re still strong and beautiful because you have a big heart and you can bear the pain your lungs cause you. Daddy has no other choice but to be proud of you. You know why? Because you’re a superhero… and who doesn’t cheer for superheroes, even if they’re having a bad day?”

“Are you sure, mommy?”

“Sure! No one knows daddy better than mommy. And daddy likes you very much, and knows how strong and big you are. (A pause) Now, is my superhero sleepy or hungry?”

“I could use a nap.”

“Great! I’ll sleep next to you. Would you defend me and keep me safe?”

“Always and forever, promise!”

“I believe you, my sweetie pie.”

Mother shoves her head in the blankets to conceal her tears and mute her sobs.

 “No one knows daddy better than mommy”? She doesn’t! She’s married to this felon who’s killing her little angel and ripping her clothes with his fangs, ogling at women with his big eyes, capturing her every move with his big ears, and ruining her sporadic tranquility with his big mouth.

She’s married to a monster that doesn’t only destroy her home, but an entire town as well. His gluttony is so fierce it makes you wonder if his crooked sexual drive isn’t attached to his hungry capitalist mouth… if it isn’t stuck in the oral stage of people’s psychosexual development.

Her child, another victim of this man’s company brain, has seen through the disguised monstrosity.


Photo credit: The hungry mouth of capitalism by cvclne via Visualhunt.com / CC BY

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