A Domestic Dispute next to a Sleeping Kid

“How did the bid go? Did you sell your child’s misfortune well? Will it bring you a bigger fortune now?”

“You and your sarcasm–

“I’m not sarcastic! I don’t enjoy sounding like one either. I’m dying because my baby’s dying in my arms, just like the fishes near your toxic plants! We keep dying more and more every time you trespass the law, every time you bring in a new mean machine, every time you buy immunity by dining with the prime minister in the seediest places–

“That’s a delightful dissertation! I ought to use your talents for my promotional campaigns!”

“What are you?! Is your breed born like this? Devoid of feelings or consciousness or boundaries! Or do you become this way?”

“Oh! Come on!! I’m a private owner, and a successful one for that matter. My life in the factory is spic and span, my attitude in the market is “kill or be killed,” my way or the highway…. It made me a winner. But here, everything’s so depressing; your dissertations are too long, you’re too hysterical, the kid is too slow–

“He’s not slow! He’s sick! He’s weak! One more thing, I’m not your competition! I’m your companion, for God’s sake! Don’t you understand? We don’t need much. The child needs your love and I need your support. Is that too much to ask?”

“As if I’m not your spouse or his father… I’m, by definition, loving and nurturing–

“We’re sick of your definitions and commercial jingles. You make me feel as if I’m married to an encyclopedia, or a factory, or a robot! You’re too much. Just stop!”

“Entrepreneurs do not stop! We’re the future. We don’t cry over spilled milk nor do we keep opportunities unexploited. We’re here to do what others don’t do: stop starting start finishing.”

“That right! You’re finishing the two persons who make your household a home. Congratulations on killing two birds with one stone! You’re doing great!”

And the grieving woman claps. The company brain, in association with the big hungry mouth of capitalism must have made her go crazy. Hence, she’s another fool on another hill.


Photo credit: Company Brain by IgalDan via Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC-ND

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