A heart-to-heart chat with the Crawling Owl

Folding Fox: Hey, friend! Long time no see. Where have you been?

Crawling Owl: You know this saying? There’s always a rainbow after the rain. Well, I’ve had nothing but storms and blizzards. No rainbows. None, zero, zilch!

Folding Fox: Why? Grandma still sick?

Crawling Owl: Dead…

Folding Fox: I’m sorry to hear that! But there must be something good going on. Maybe you’re just not seeing it right now.

Crawling Owl: See what? Granny’s dead. My marriage is not an adventure anymore. My profession is not my passion. Life is still as mysterious and as incomprehensible to me as when I was in diapers, pacifier shoved in…

Folding Fox: Hold your horses! One day, bad things will be over. Someday, nothing will get to you anymore. You’re still young. That’s why you’re so sentimental and lost. Remember this, however. Someday, you’ll be intact.

[Long silence]

Crawling Owl: You just made my day. “Intact” you say?

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